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VetNOW is the industry-leading virtual care solution

Veterinary Clinics

lncrease the scale of your clinics’ veterinary specialty care with VetNOW telemedicine platform and seamlessly collaborate with a global community of board-certified veterinary specialists - virtually, securely, in real-time and on any web-enabled device.

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Vet Specialists

Join the VetNOW community of board-certified veterinarian specialists for large and small animals, expand your reach into vet clinics around the world on our vet telemedicine platform, and bring your specialty as part of our VetNOW team from your home office. 

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Pet Owners

Pet owners of dogs, cats, birds, horses and exotic animals can connect with both their Veterinarians and vet specialists in real-time for virtual follow-ups, urgent care, and specialist consultations with oncologists, radiologists, orthopedists, surgeons, equine dentists and more.

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The future of animal

telemedicine is NOW

Interest in virtual veterinary care has grown dramatically in recent years, due to evolution in telehealth bringing the advantages of virtual care to veterinarians, clients, and patients, including:

VetNOW Virtual Care Platform

Only $300 / month

The VetNOW telemedicine platform allows veterinarians and vet clinics to collaborate with veterinary specialists around the world for specialty small and large animal care, including dog and cat cardiologists and dermatologists, equine dentistry and vet orthopedic surgeons. Monthly subscriptions include real-time access to board-certified vet specialists via a portal you can use for virtual follow-ups, urgent care, diagnostic tools and pet owner communication.

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By being a VetNOW partner, your clinic can bring specialists into the room for your patients, without the need to increase your staff.


Our VetNOW specialists can serve a significantly larger pool of clients, all around the world, simply by being a part of the VetNOW family. 


VetNOW specialists can view a diagnostic screen, such as an ultrasound, so the specialist can see what you see…as it’s happening in real time.

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