Teach the Next Generation of Veterinarians

The Future of Veterinary Medicine

Providing the building blocks for Virtual Care to our future veterinarians

The future of veterinary medicine is here. Now is the time to start educating the Next Generation of Veterinarians. As the leaders in the industry, VetNOW has developed a multi-phased approach to helping universities and colleges implement the building blocks of Virtual Care.

Success Stories

"I have had the pleasure of working with the team from VetNOW for several months as we prepare to launch the virtual care program at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. The group has been helpful in customizing the platform as well as strategically integrating workflows into already hectic days. We look forward to continued collaboration as we move forward with our academically based telehealth program."

Lori M. Teller DVM, DABVP (canine/feline), CVJ

Veterinary Education

VetNOW will provide you the tools to develop learning modules in the curriculum so graduating students are conversant in Virtual Care and prepared to utilize this modality in practice.

Continuing Education
Collaborative Group Studies
Research Projects
Secure Tracking and Recording
Seamless Clinically

Clinical veterinary medicine

ATLAS by VetNOW will help build your relationships with surrounding referring veterinarians, by providing you with a robust tool to monetize, track and record specialty/second opinion consults that you are currently already having by phone and email.

ATLAS by VetNOW, will provide your clients, who have come from a distance and are unable to return easily, with a simple solution to connect for follow up appointments.

One Health Initiatives

VetNOW will provide a connective network highway for university wide One Health initiatives, providing guidance on hardware that can be deployed in remote/rural regions to diagnose and treat animals and people.

VetNOW provides a one-stop-shop to integrate data on transmissible diseases in different regions of the country and world for both animals and people, along with communicating best practices for treatment over time.

With our experience in both Animal and Human Health Care, we process a unique advantage for One Health initiatives.  Our ‘human’ division, TeleHealth Suite, has developed a Remote Patient Monitoring platform to manage chronic health conditions such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, and opioid substance abuse disorders.



Our unique multi-phased implementation process

We are unique in the market, as we have heavily invested in a staff and supporting infrastructure capable of designing and implementing our Virtual Care solution to meet the needs of your digital initiatives.


Create unified virtual environment

Develop plan of action

Align initiatives

Integration 1.0

Integration 2.0

Integration 3.0


This is the future of veterinary medicine

This is VetNOW