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One Health

Our Approach to Interdisciplinary Collaborations

Uniting Human, Animal, Social and Environmental Healthcare for the Betterment of Societal Health

One Health Solutions is the parent company of Telehealth Suite (Human Health Division) and VetNOW (Veterinary Health Division).

Three trends emerged in the veterinary healthcare in the last decade: Consolidation, Standardization/Cost Reduction, and Managing Health.

VetNOW’s unique virtual care platform increases access to care while simultaneously improving the financial, operational, and experiential results in veterinary and animal healthcare organizations. VetNOW is prepared scale, lifting geographical barriers to care to provide better health outcomes and increase the quality of care delivered worldwide.

TeleHealth Suite is revolutionizing the management of chronic conditions in a Digital Health Ecosystem through a full Virtual Care Continuum via Remote Patient Monitoring, reducing admission costs and improving access to healthcare while saving lives and families. TeleHealth Suite’s initial focus is directed to the management and treatment of opioid addiction as a chronic condition. TeleHealth Suite’s treatment pathway and proprietary platform addresses each component in the timeline of addiction management, increasing the probability effectively managing addiction and providing an increased quality and duration of life.

Parent Company

One Health Solutions

As the Parent Company, One Health Solutions seeks to bring all subject matter experts onto a single, secure platform for interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Human Healthcare Division

TeleHealth Suite

Our Human Division. TeleHealth Suite has a targeted approach to revolutionize the management of chronic conditions through a full virtual Care Continuum via Remote Patient Monitoring.

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Animal Healthcare Division


As the Animal Health Division, VetNOW looks to enhance the global veterinary standard of care by creating access to personalized treatments at a higher frequency and reduced cost, via a full Virtual Veterinary Care continuum.

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