The mission of VetNOW is to enhance the global veterinary standard of care by creating access to personalized treatment at a reduced cost via a virtual care continuum, and continuing to advance the veterinary profession through continued education, training, and discovery.


Dr. Apryle Horbal is a Veterinary Medical Doctor and Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. She has extensive training and experience in the field of equine dentistry, oral surgery, and upper airway disease. Apryle received her Bachelor of Arts cum laude in Biological Basis of Behavior in 2007 from the University of Pennsylvania. She then went on to qualify for her Veterinariae Medicinae Doctoris, also from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011. Upon completion of this veterinary degree, she went on to complete an internship in large animal medicine, surgery and ambulatory practice at Texas A&M University’s Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital in 2012.  Apryle also completed a residency in Equine Dentistry at the University of Edinburgh from 2013-2016, where she also received her Masters of Philosophy degree via research thesis into the infundibular defects of equine maxillary cheek teeth.

Upon completion of her residency program, Apryle returned to the US, opening a small animal and equine emergency and referral center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  This hospital served as the proving ground for the start of the VetNow Virtual Care initiative, to perfect clinical workflows and implementation in a real-life busy veterinary hospital while setting the highest of clinical standards.  While still practicing equine surgery clinically, Apryle has moved on from the operations of the hospital to focus solely on the development of the Virtual Care Continuum to optimize animal health.


VetNOW provides the first to market Virtual Care Continuum for the veterinary industry. VetNOW was founded to be the leading global provider of virtual veterinary services to companion animals, horses and livestock. VetNOW’s platform affords a new opportunity for Veterinary clinics and Veterinarians of all varieties to gain access to a global market and maximize the financial strength of their business. This platform improves access to high quality care for animals and their owners, from household pets to livestock. VetNOW increases the value and competitiveness of customers’ software implementation through workflow solutions that maximize efficiencies, minimize operating costs, and reduce environmental impact. The platform improves client retention and reduces costs to clients while improving the standard of care. VetNOW is a solutions company, an integrator of accessories and other software, a service provider, and an implementer of telehealth within the virtual care continuum.