Veterinary practices

Vet Specialty Care NOW

Empower your practice

Join the growing community of primary care veterinarians and specialists working together to provide enhanced patient care everywhere. VetNOW sets a new standard for virtual care with:

Schedule a Specialist

VetNOW quickly connects you, your clients and patients with board-certified specialists when complex cases require advanced solutions.

Virtual House Calls

Build your virtual clinic. Expand your practice beyond your clinic’s walls by providing the exceptional care your practice is known for— directly and digitally to your clients.

Emergency Service

VetNOW connects your patients and clients to the medical support they need. You receive urgent access to critical care specialists and the option of a remote emergency triage service.

Secure Video & Messaging
Cloud-based Records
Dedicated Specialist Network
VCPR & HIPAA Compliant

Veterinary Clinics

By being a VetNOW partner, your clinic can bring specialists into the room for your patients, without the need to increase your staff.


Our VetNOW specialists can serve a significantly larger pool of clients, all around the world, simply by being a part of the VetNOW family. 


VetNOW specialists can view a diagnostic screen, such as an ultrasound, so the specialist can see what you see…as it’s happening in real time.

NOW you can provide access to
next-level care, directly from your practice

Thanks to the VetNOW network, you can invite participating specialists to provide remote, in-clinic consultations. Together you can review examinations, diagnostics, and collaboratively develop your patient’s medical plan.
With VetNOW you can confidently list access to specialist care as a core capability of your veterinary services. By managing more complex cases in-clinic, you can add incremental revenue to your practice while reducing the stress for your patients and their owners.
Large Animal Internal Medicine
Small Animal Internal Medicine
Critical Care
Behavioral Medicine
Feline Medicine
Avian & Exotics Medicine
Equine Dentistry

NOW, convenience meets quality care

VetNOW allows your pet owners and their pets to experience the highest quality of care with the greatest level of convenience. Your clients can book a virtual appointment with your practice, and you can receive additional medical advice from our board-certified specialists when you need them.

Using this virtual care solution provides ease and convenience, creating a stress-free experience for you, your clients and their pets. The benefits of using VetNOW:
– Maintain quality, personal engagement
– Draw from the highest level of expertise and experience
– Avoid unnecessary travel and delays in treatment 
– Provide pet owners peace of mind that they are doing the best for their pets 
– Can provide cost and time savings