Quality Veterinary Care from the comfort of your own Home

Our partnership with VetNOW, the industry-leading veterinary virtual care platform, allows us to provide your pet with our quality veterinary care from the comfort of your home. Having this option available makes it easy and convenient to access our veterinarians without the stress – on you, or your pet, or transporting them into the office.

It's perfect for follow-ups after surgery or other treatments, virtual diagnostics, instant attention in emergencies as well as getting treatment and after-care information.

Access to a world of specialists

Another huge advantage of our partnership with VetNOW is we now have access to board-certified veterinary specialists from around the corner or across the globe. VetNOW’s virtual care platform allows us to consult with specialists in real-time so we can all collaborate together and create the best possible medical plan for your pet.

We can see and talk to the specialist, and they can see us, you and your pet. The specialist has access to your pet's records and test results. And if we are conducting diagnostic tests like ultrasounds or X-rays, they see what we see, as we see it – all in real-time.

So how do you get started?

Before you can begin a session of virtual care, your pet must have already been seen by this veterinary clinic (VCPR). We aren't allowed to legally treat your pet if we've never seen them in person before.

Complete the simple form below and click "Register Now". It's that easy. An email will be sent to our offices to let us know you're interested in using this virtual care platform, and we will follow up in less than two business days so you can book your first appointment.

Virtual Veterinary Care powered by VetNOW